Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Introducing Melody and Grace

Having spent hours looking at blogs, I realize that pet blogs are very popular. My kitty girls said it was time for them to have a blog, so here goes. With three other blogs, I don't know how often 'mommy' will have to write posts.

Both my girls were feral cats.

I caught Grace with the help of a friend. She was trapped between two steel storage containers, the size of those containers they use on ships. There was a place in the country where they rented them out for storage. I was helping another friend with his storage. There was so loud rock music playing, but behind the racket, I heard someone crying. It sounded like a cat. I asked the children nearby where that cat was and they said it was trapped in one of the storage containers. Naturally, I went cuckoo. All the containers had huge locks on them. I found the one where the crying came from and told the kids to find the owner.

At this point, they got sheepish. Turns out the cat was not in the container, but stuck between it, where they had dropped it.

My friend climbed up on top and we told the kids to get a rope, which they did.
We made a noose. My friend lowered the noose on top of Grace's head. She bent her head to get away from it, but since there was not that much room to move, she eventually had to straighten her head, which went into the noose. I pulled it 'tight'ish. My friend pulled the cat up 15 feet by the neck. It was very upsetting to us as we did it, but it was the only way to try and save her life. We expected her to be scratching and clawing, but when she came up she was purring and smiling like an angel. Totally relaxed and happy. The kids said we could have her since she didn't belong to anyone. We brought her home where she has been for 12 years now.

We named her Grace because it was by God's grace that she was brought to us.

Grace has always had a very loud voice, which saved her life.

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